Ramblings: Losing Your Temper

I’ll admit it.  I lost my temper.  I cursed the driver’s name (although I don’t know it), her family, her car, her life, everything.  I feel like the next part of this post is my holy confession.  Hopefully my sins can be absolved.  (Sorry, I grew up Catholic, so bad attempts at Catholic humor are occasionally going to exist here.)

She cut me off going slower than me, sped up when I tried to go around her, slowed down again when she forced me to get behind her, and then slammed on her brakes.  So I laid on my horn and flipped her off.  In the heat of the moment I wished I could tell her exactly what her crimes were and how horrible of a human being she was for committing them.  I imagined every hateful thing I would say to her.  What was her problem?  It took me a while to cool down.

Now, I think that this is an excellent topic for one engaged in a Happiness Project.  Because while losing my temper and having my fit of rage made me feel better in the moment, I think that tendencies towards anger make people less happy and not more.  After I finally cooled down, I felt rotten to the core, like I had made myself a worse human being for getting so angry about this driver.

It’s so easy to become angry.  It’s difficult to stay calm.  But this is one of those places where the difficult path would probably cause a lot more happiness if followed.  I tried this morning.  It was so frustrating, thinking about putting aside my anger.  I couldn’t do it.  This might be something to consider working on during my happiness project.


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