Planning: Final Draft of my Plan and Commandments

I’ve decided that the sooner this is finalized, the better.  I start in March, and I want to get to planning exactly what each of my 12 areas entails before I actually begin my Happiness Project, so having my 12 areas finalized is a good first step.  The following is the plan I have come up with for my monthly focus:

  • March: Health
  • April: Slow Down
  • May: Home
  • June: Memories
  • July: Friends
  • August: Attitude
  • September: Work
  • October: Dreams
  • November: Love
  • December: Play
  • January: Money
  • February: Passion

I replaced “energy” with “love” because I want to use a month to focus on my romantic relationship, and because “energy” and “health” seem very similar to me.

I also rewrote some of my commandments and pared them down to eight.  Here is what I came up with.

  1. Give generously without expectations.
  2. Foster human connection.
  3. Allow yourself dreams – and then chase them.
  4. Own only what you can cherish.
  5. Do what you know is right.
  6. Act now without fear.
  7. Create something beautiful.
  8. Treasure the moment.

I like having slightly wordier commandments than a lot of the two- or three-word commandments I see others using because I want to be specific and set guidelines that I know how to follow.  I will probably choose one commandment per day to really focus on, and hope that that turns into reflecting on them habitually.


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