Planning: Another Ammendment

I decided to change another of my 12 areas. I would like to change Spirituality to Memories. I’m currently reading through Gretchen’s chapter on “Eternity” and understand now that for her, eternity didn’t mean going to heaven or anything with particularly religious undertones (thank goodness for me, because I grew up Catholic and while there were many good things about that, I don’t know that I’d go back.)

I want to take her idea, but rename it something more concrete, which is why I’m going with Memories. I think that during that month, I will start some habits that I always wished I could get into for the sake of looking back, but never was systematic enough to actually start.

For example, I don’t take pictures often enough, and even when I do, they sit on my phone and don’t give me any benefit. I also want to start journaling again. I used to be so good at it, and I stopped when my bedroom was no longer solely my own as I started college. It would be nice to record just the sweet moments from today so I could read them when I feel nostalgic for the good old days when I lived with one of my close friends in Tucson.


3 thoughts on “Planning: Another Ammendment

  1. I had started following you but completely abandoned reading blogs for a short time. So now I’m reading in reverse order and each post gets me excited!
    I love the idea and I’m so excited to see how you implement your goals and commandments


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