Planning: An Update on my 12 Areas

I have decided to change one of the 12 areas that I’ve chosen for my monthly focus: I don’t feel that Mindfulness resonates well with me personally. I feel kind of bad because there’s so much out there that talks about the healing power of meditation and yoga and being still. It’s not really for me.

I’m changing it to Slowing Down. And I’m choosing this area because I think a lot of unhappiness comes from being unable to appreciate the moment that’s happening right now. I find myself looking to the future, saying I’m so excited for that future and I’m looking forward to all these things. It definitely isn’t bad to have goals and to be excited by what’s coming. In fact, it’s healthy.

The problem is when you promise yourself that when these things happen, then you’ll be happy. When I go on my vacation to Seattle next week, then I’ll be happy. When I get to summer vacation and have my adventure in Europe, then I’ll be happy. But why can’t I be happy right now, also? How wonderful it is that I’m grading lab reports and giving my students necessary feedback!  What would I trade for more opportunities to give students my care and love? But I get caught up in the stress that comes with being a teacher when I should slow down and stop thinking about everything I need to do and start appreciating what’s happening right now.

So I’ll flesh it out more, but I think this area speaks to me more than Mindfulness.


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